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28 March 2009 @ 12:34 pm
General Whovian Rec List Part 2 (Doctors 6-10 & Other)  
General Whovian Rec List Part 2 last updated March 14, 2010.

The list was getting a bit too unwieldy, so I split it. Doctors One through Five can be found here. All of my Doctor Who rec lists can be accessed here.

Organized by Doctor's era. Adult fics are labeled as such.


Cosmopolitan by infiniteviking.
Author's summary: Sherlock Holmes has an open mind, which is a great help indeed.
Notes: Just a short little drabble, but I couldn't help myself- it's Watson & Holmes with Six! Brilliant.

Searching by Paranoid Seat.
Author's summary: Evelyn finds some unexpected company.
Notes: Evelyn (from the Audios) and Six run into Wilf. Wilf is one of my all-time favorites, and this is a rather fantastic idea, well-executed.

The Right Doctor by nonelvis. (ADULT)
Author's summary: Prompt: Six/Donna - wrong TARDIS wrong bed, right Doctor.
Notes: Rather filthy but brilliant Six/Donna ficlet.

The Sky Was Good For Flying by Doyle (doyle_sb4).
Author's summary: The Doctor trespasses on a royal garden and meets someone he didn’t expect to ever see again.
Notes: A really nice tag to the whole Six & Peri tangle. The Doctor runs into a much older Peri.

Totem by dameruth.
Author's summary: Peri learns that an ancient Earth concept can be successfully applied to the Doctor.
Notes: Six is rather catlike, after all. A nice gen character study piece.

Unbirthday by dameruth.
Author's summary: Peri teaches the Doctor about a new holiday.
Notes: A nice Six & Peri friendship fic, in which the author put extra effort into presenting them at their best.


A Bad Day by Megumi.
Author's summary: Hex gets separated from the Doctor and stumbles upon another Doctor.
Notes: Hex has an encounter with Ten. Quite cute.

Bonsai by elliptic_eye.
Author's summary: One, two, three: This never happened.
Notes: A scattered, mindfuck-ish Seven/Peri story. Adult.

Cartography by eponymous_rose.
Author's summary: A map is a symbolic representation that highlights relationships between elements of space. Some analogies write themselves.
Notes: A gen character study story involving Seven, Ace, and Hex.

Falls the Shadow by Nemo the Everbeing (nemo_everbeing).
Author's summary: It was supposed to be nothing more than a seaside holiday for two old friends to relax and recharge, but something went wrong. Then a lot of things went wrong. Now, as Ace deals with the emotional fallout of a realization that could put an end their decade-long friendship, the Doctor discovers something potentially deadly about the world on which they’ve stopped. And then the darkness falls.
Notes: Absolutely brilliant multi-chapter adventure fic, complete with one of the only Seven/Ace ship stories I can find both believable and in character.

Growing Pains by JayTheNerdKid (bewarethespork).
Author's summary: The Doctor and Ace grow together; sometimes the most important changes are the ones you didn't see coming.
Notes: Fillers and in-betweens for the episodes; very vaguely shippy.

NEW Illusions by dameruth.
Author's summary: Sometimes we deceive ourselves as much as we deceive others.
Notes: An ordinary day for Seven and Ace, mixed with a bit of character study.

Lost Luggage and Lost Souls by Nemo the Everbeing (nemo_everbeing).
Author's summary: Because listing bus stations as something you hate just begs writers to put you there. The Seventh Doctor and Ace join an odd cast of characters in time to get held hostage, and the Doctor remembers why he prefers saving worlds to smaller crises.
Notes: Great multi-chapter Ace & Seven story. Some very minor hints of some hidden shippy feelings.

On the Edges of Time by rollingstone (justspies).
Author's summary: There are days the Doctor has, and some he can only wish he had.
Notes: Five days the Seventh Doctor never had, and one he did. A bit multi-era.

Past the Last Exit by livii.
Author's summary: "She can't be tamed," the Doctor says, "and she might not stay." Hex tries to love her anyway.
Notes: A brilliant and character perfect Ace/Hex story.

"Yeah, I know what an allegory is," said Ace by merripestin.
Author's summary: There once was a man who married goldfish. (lj:dw100 love challenge)
Notes: A drabble with bite.


Fishbowl by etherati.
Author's summary: Introspection post-TV Movie. The Doctor has this problem, see, where he cannot ever let go or give up on anyone. It'll be the end of him one day.
Notes: Eight reflects on the Master, and his own actions. An insightful tag to the movie.

Heartbeats by nonelvis.
Author's summary: "You can stay here as long as you like," Delirium says. "Except I think that won't be nearly long enough." (Crossover with Neil Gaiman's Sandman series.)
Notes: This probably won't make sense unless you're familiar with the Sandman series, but it is a brilliant and poignant crossover for those in the know.

Into Cool Night (Rescued from Rainy Dawn) by eponymous_rose.
Author's summary: 4x13 post-ep, with spoilers galore. The timelines converge, even now. Donna laughs at the end of the storm.
Notes: Post JE, Donna runs into Eight. A bit painful but quite fantastic.

Into Warsaw by etherati.
Author's summary: The Doctor has said goodbye many, many times, and the message rarely changes, no matter it’s a person or a universe. TimeWarEight.
Notes: Eight, Romana, and the Time War. Painful but lovely.

Making Time (Lords) by Carmen Sandiego (calapine).
Author's summary: The pocket watch has to die.
Notes: Hysterical (and rather inevitable) crossover with the movie "Withnail & I".

Nowhere Music by lizbee.
Author's summary: "I was a dad once."
Notes: Eight, Romana, the Time War, and could have beens. Scattered to great effect. (Eight/Romana.)

Seven Words and a Metaphor by lizbee.
Author's summary: "You know," said the Doctor, "I could bring your government down with a single word."
Notes: The Eighth Doctor spends some time with President Romana. Vaguely shippy, a bit sweet, and a bit wistful.

The Atheist in Your Foxhole by etherati.
Author's summary: People have many reasons for fighting the fight, and sometimes the best reasons come from the most unexpected sources. Better not to question them. Eighth Doctor, Time War, on the eve of the Big Bad.
Notes: An excellent take on Eight as soldier in the Time War.

Nine (I have a TON of Nine & Rose recs, both gen and shippy. These are just the few that don't fit in elsewhere.)

Crush by ponygirl (ponygirl72).
Author's summary: Claustrophobia, and old friends he thought were lost.
Notes: While traveling with Rose & Nine, Jack gets rescued by a much older Time's Vigilante Ace, who has no idea the Doctor survived the war.

No Accounting for Taste by infiniteviking.
Author's summary: And then we actually saw him, and we were all like "Huh?"
Notes: Short but hysterical. The other Doctors critique Nine's fashion sense.

No Company for Old Men by cryptile.
Author's summary: "Who are you and what did you do with the Brigadier?"
Notes: During the 18 seconds he was gone in "Rose", the Doctor drops in to visit the Brig. They both have things to tell.


A Gentleman of the Universe by Stressfactor.
Author's summary: All that stargazing Wilf did and he never got to travel among them until one day he did.
Notes: Wilf finally gets a trip in the TARDIS. A bit of a tear-jerker, but quite lovely.

Change by RGRoberts.
Author's summary: You didn’t notice what you should have, and now it’s too late. The Master’s thoughts near the end of Last of the Time Lords on how the Doctor has changed.
Notes: A very apt character study of the Tenth Doctor by the Master.

From the Ashes by wiccagirl24.
Author's summary: In the fourth year of the great Time War Ace McShane died. It should have been the end of her story, but it wasn't.
Notes: Ace ends up on Earth for Journey's End, and eventually, runs into the Doctor.

Just Like Old Times by minerva_fan.
Author's summary: The Tenth Doctor helps Susan through a major transition, knowing it will be the last time he ever sees her face.
Notes: A poignant story in which Ten comes to see Susan one last time.

Simple Gifts by Jessa L'Rynn (jessalrynn).
Author's summary: The Doctor knows what he is and what he did, what he always does. He has come to a decision, but when he stops to talk after Journey's End, a new Journey, to see the path behind him, begins.
Notes: A depressed Doctor drops in on The Brig after JE, and is encouraged to go visit some other old companions (including Susan & Ian, Tegan, and Peri). Very deft.

NEW Time Present and Time Past by rivendellrose.
Author's summary: The Doctor stops in on Brighton beach, and meets an old friend under very unusual circumstances.
Notes: Post JE, Ten gets a chance to meet up with and talk to Romana. Poignant and thoughtful.


Chemistry by aces.
Author's summary: Doing domestic doesn’t exactly involve a lot of running.
Notes: A Jenny/Nyssa story, which is perhaps a slightly odd pairing, but it worked for me here.

Five Lives the Master Saved by eponymous_rose.
Author's summary: Justifying the means becomes academic when you live in a world of endings.
Notes: A brilliant multi-era character study of the Master.

Missing by Misato (misachan).
Author's summary: During the year she's missing Jackie never stops looking for Rose. One night she gets some unexpected help.
Notes: Eight months into the year Rose went missing, Torchwood-era Jack runs into the rather desperate Jackie. The show rather glosses over what must have been an agonizing time for her; this is an excellent missing scene.

Somewhere Between Universes by carawj.
Author's summary: The Dimension Cannon has sent Rose to a time traveler, but it isn't the one she was hoping for.
Notes: During her travels, Rose runs into Ace.

The Slow Path by atraphoenix.
Author's summary: Susan Foreman takes the slow path.
Notes: Susan runs into quite a lot of the Doctor's friends on her path back to him.
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Ahh, these recs look really good! Thank you for sharing! (I have wandered over here from tardis_stowaway's journal, in case you were wondering.)
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