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Because you know I spend too much time thinking about it.

A graphics poll, with some general icon questions, and some very specific.

Poll #1518758 Graphics Poll
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 68

What's your ideal post size?

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Smallish (25 icons or less)
5 (7.6%)
Medium (25-60 icons)
45 (68.2%)
Large (60-90)
13 (19.7%)
Very Large (90+)
3 (4.5%)

Which do you prefer?

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Posts with only one or two fandoms/subjects
23 (34.8%)
Posts with a small handful of fandoms (4-5)
39 (59.1%)
Posts with dozens of fandoms
4 (6.1%)

When looking for new icons, where do you tend to look?

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Big, general comms, like icons
1 (1.5%)
Slightly more specialized comms, like scificons
1 (1.5%)
The general comms for a show, like doctorwho
6 (8.8%)
Icon comms for a single show, like trekicons
5 (7.4%)
Small pairing or character specific comms, like jackslashdaniel
2 (2.9%)
Somewhere else you'll mention in comments
5 (7.4%)
Ticky box
4 (5.9%)

What would you like to see more of?

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5 (7.5%)
Mood Themes
4 (6.0%)
5 (7.5%)
Request posts
2 (3.0%)
3 (4.5%)
Something else tha you'll discuss in comments)
0 (0.0%)
Ticky Box
8 (11.9%)

Are there any fandoms you'd like to see more of (that you know I'm involved in)?

Are there any fandoms you'd like to see less of?

icons_of_isis is a journal, not a community. Should I:

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Leave it as is, it's fine as a journal.
59 (90.8%)
Transform it into a comm instead (which will involve deleting all the entries, though I can repost some of them later).
1 (1.5%)
Leave it, but start a new icon comm.
5 (7.7%)
Some other option you'll mention in comments.
0 (0.0%)

Ticky box

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52 (100.0%)
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